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The objectives of pens

Bison – the largest mammal in Europe is our pride and one of the symbols of Poland in the world. Although these animals were protected during the reign of Jagiellonian dynasty, however after the World War I, they were on the verge of extinction. Many of the species that survived are those   in zoos and breeding centers. The greatest threat to bison, in the past and present, is man and the consequences of its activities. On the other hand, in an act of restitution many people have made effort to restore the existence of   bison.. Institute of Applied Ecology has decided to join in this idea through the construction of another place where bisons will be allowed to grow in semi-natural conditions. Our bison`s breeding farm in Sycowice  is pursuing  three main objectives:

1.  Breeding
The term mentioned above involves the creation of new places where the animals can be reared with the use of appropriate breeding procedures. Present population comes only from 12 surviving species. . This reveals a significant decline in the genetic pool of herds. This is the basic of a strategy for management and protection population of bison. It aims to create several large, free herds in the country, while also increasing the number of small herds in which animals will be breed in semi-natural conditions and cyclic rotation. Above all, it enables the control and to identify the origin of neonatal and limiting the already high degree of relatedness of bison. At present, the number of bisons in Poland and Europe is gradually increasing.

2. Scientific purpose
This is directly related to the breeding objective described above. The Institute would like to focus its research activities on the aspect of “greening" the conditions for maintaining the bisons in closed pens. Basically, under the observation and research on sycowice`s herd, direct birth control, will be ensured    to create optimal conditions for breeding using natural remedies.  All this is to ensure that rotated bisons or the ones included in the undomesticated herds, for instance, these coming from sycowice`s pens are in good physical and health condition.

3. Education
Almost everyone would like to stand face to face with this extraordinary animal. However, it should be noted that the bison is a powerful, strong and wild animal, which may be harmful to people if they feel threatened. The bisons are naturally shy and always try to avoid contact with humans; however, they can be aggressive when provoked. .The institute is interested in creating awareness about the history, habits and characteristics of bison especially for residents of west Poland.. Our education activities will not only focus on bisons, but other large mammals, whose future existence in the country depends on positive attitude in the society. Without a general understanding of the role and importance of wild animals in our environment, the last of them may disappear from our landscape forever.