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About the farm

Farm was established in 2001 upon the acquisition of the first six-hectare agricultural land in the village Skórzyn, Maszewo commune, district of Krosno. After 10 years of farming the farm increased its acreage to 400 acres, consisting of arable land (about 50% of the farm), meadows, pastures, and numerous trees, ditches, ponds,  bogs. All  lands are classified generally to poor agricultural suitability classes (mainly IV, V and VI class) however, they present interesting  diversity  of natural habitat. The overall objective is to  conduct research and the implementation of the result on our farm, which follows a model that  implement the criteria of organic farming. It also ensures an appropriate level of economic profitability, while minimizing the negative environmental impact. In addition, it  improves the quality of  local environmental . In the next few years the farm will be able to:

- enhance the huge competition on the food market, dominated by cheap and poor quality food

- obtain satisfactory economic results, which could sustain our  highly qualified staff and keeping new investment activities

- become an interesting alternative for many conventional farm holdings

- conduct public education  for organized  interest  groups coming  on a  tour  to  our farms frequently

- learn about the stages of production and processing, participation in meetings and presentations devoted to organic farming, food quality and its importance for  human health.

Currently, the farm has reached a sufficiently high level of animal production. From year 2013, we shall  start  the distribution of personal products and educational program on the basis of our bison pens in Sycowice.