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Holding’s location

The farm complex contains the following lands:

- Skórzyn – is about 40 hectares of arable land planted with legumes and potatoes. They are situated right on the premise of the Institute. In addition to this complex belongs also about 40 acres of meadows with their local names like  Łąki Bliskie, Dalekie czy Kaczy Dół.
- Lubogoszcz – it's more than 110 hectares of arable land converted to pasture and used alternately (grazing and mowing).
- Maszewo – is about 20 ha of wet meadows.
- Połęcko – is about 30 ha of meadows situated directly on the Odra valley, partly bordering with this river.
- Siedlisko – is in two parts,it is  approximately 40 hectares of wetlands and wet meadows.
- Grabin a 30 ha wetland meadows and numerous trees and bushes.
- Sycowice – (a place for bison pens) – about 80 hectares of arable land and wetland meadows.

The location of the lands around the premise of the Institute and the other complexes are shown in the map below.