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The plant production

Almost all  farm crop-production is used for the preparation of feed for cattle and pigs. Only a small part is used for vegetable production. The farm does not lead to the production of cereal grains, only a variety of plants are grown for green matter. From year to year is enriched a  composition of plants for green. For this purpose we use the grain that before puberty are mowed and ensiling. Due to the fact that arable land is very poor grading classes in their production  the special role plays organic fertilization. It is implemented in different ways, directly by the use of manure, the use of its own liquid fertilizers and for an appropriate  grazing combined with feeding. For the poorest land reclamation is also used pigs. Then it is released to the appropriate quarters, on which resides a few months by making direct spreading manure and mixing it all while rooting, which is a popular engraving. In this way, you can in a few months greatly improve the quality of the soil. Although, the production of vegetables is now a marginal part, it is conducted with great care since the beginning  of the farm. We already have the sufficient experience and skills to lead large-scale cultivation of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers ond onions.